The Laing Family Guest Book

20 June 2012

The Laing Family

My last Laing ancestor was my grandmother on my mother's side. She was Margaret Bruce Laing born 1867 in Glasgow and she died there in 1928. She died before I was born so I never met her. But she came from a long line of Laing males going back to my 8X great grandfather, Johnne Laing, who married Jaine Lawsoune at Leith South Parish Church on 16th July 1595. I have an absolute source for all my Laing ancestors from that time on.

You might be aware of Redhouse Castle in East Lothian. It was built by Master John Laing at the end of the 16th century. It was considered the Home of the Laings by The Lord Lyon. Master John held many positions within the Church of Scotland and the Scottish Parliament during the 16th century, as well as being Keeper of the Signet between 1596 and 1609. He was my 8X great grandfather's cousin. His father was Sir Neill Laing, also Keeper of the Signet, who was a well known property owner in Edinburgh. For instance, he built a very large tenement building in what is known as Tweeddale Court today. It is one of Edinburgh's most famous addresses. Sir Neill was my 9X great grandfather's brother. When Neill died in 1586 he left all his properties in Edinburgh to his only son Master John Laing. But I hasten to say that establishing absolute proof that all the above is correct is going to cost me a lot of time and money. I have started the ball rolling so in the coming months I should be able to produce documentation that my line goes back to the Laings of Redhouse from the early 1300s.

I mention all this only to establish my very extensive lineage of Laings. Whilst my Laing family tree is very large I am the first to recognise that there are many hundreds of thousands of Laings around the world and that establishing some central communication between them all is a massive task. But I would really like to give it a go. I have a lot to offer any Laing descendant that can link their past to the Laings of Edinburgh. However, the last impression I want to convey is that I am attempting to "lord it over" other Laing family members. I am almost 80 years of age and I don't want it all to disappear when I die. I also have a dream which is to buy back the ruins of Redhouse Castle and make it, once again, the Home of the Laings.

Terry Allen

7 May 2012

William John Laing born 1849

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about William John Laing born 1849 - a noted poet. Any information would help.

Donna Laing

South Africa
12 February 2012

Hi, My name is Errol Charles Laing. I was born in 1951.

My father's name was Eric Charles Laing, born in 1921. He had two brothers Jack and Russel and a sister (sorry I can't remember the name). My grandfather's name was Samuel Charles Laing who died in 1926. We all live and lived in South Africa.

I have no information prior to Samuel Charles Laing and would like to know where I came from. Charles seems to be a common name in this line of Laings. I would appreciate any links to other Laings.

Thank you,
Errol Charles Laing

9 October 2011

Hello, My mother made friends in WWII with a fellow called Sgt Pilot F M Laing, NZ 401392 RAF (she is Canadian). He died in the war. I have a letter that he wrote to my mother and wanted to know if his NZ family who were from Karori, Wellington would like to have it.

Many thanks,
Annabel Craighead

7 October 2011

Family Tree

Hi, my name is Elicia Laing and my dad is Brian Laing and my granddad is Alphanso George Laing so I think we are all related because my grandad says his dad was Scottish and his mom was a black so I would love for us to be familiar with each other because I really would love to know my family heritage.

24 December 2010

Greetings to my Scottish cousins from Peter Laing Gillies

I hope you have a peaceful and contented Christmas and good health for 2011.

Best wishes,

West Yorkshire
26 September 2010

Laing Ancestry

Hi, I am Pat, born in Forfar, Scotland. I am researching the life of my paternal great-grandfather John Laing of Troon, Ayrshire. He voyaged to Australia working as a cook in the middish 1800s, but returned to Troon. He published a book of traditional Scottish poetry* and was a regular contributor to the local Troon newspaper.

My mother, a Cameron, married a Shannon, and I married a Dent (old Yorkshire name) in Australia, and I live in West Yorkshire. Mother told a tale of a Laing brother from Ayrshire moving to the border country around Dumfries, Scotland where he started John Laing the Builders (as she called it).

Fullerton is a well-known name in Troon. Fullerton House, Fullerton Woods. The Fullerton Family were wealthy. Old names in Troon are Titchfield, I believe from the Tyne and Wear area, Portland, Duke of, a noble English family, the Duke served in Government. He brought the railway to Troon and developed the Shipyard. I believe the Fullertons came later.

I am also researching my paternal Shannon family. I met a Bill Shannon working for ICI in Melbourne in 1966/67, from Montreal, whose father came from Troon. Bill travelled on before I found out if we had a family connection. William is an old family name. Any help welcome.

Patricia Dent

* 'Miscellaneous Poems, Chiefly Scottish' by John Laing, first published by Irvine and Troon, 1894 (ISBN 1117036006, 9781117036007).

11 March 2010

Laing's Shipbuilders Branch

Hallo. I was pleased to find your site and would like to contact a fellow descendant of Sir James and Lady Laing - Debbie Wright. Can you pass on my email to her? Thank you! and good luck with 'recovering' what was lost in 2008 - I have a lot of family information - name and dates of children/grandchildren from my family tree if anyone is interested.


1 March 2010

Our Laings

Good afternoon to lots of Laings!

It has been fascinating to find this website, yet with no link to my family of Laings that I could discern – although some of you might be long-lost cousins. The impetus arises from the probable move in May of my son Hugo and his wife Aislinn (recently married after a long friendship) to Johannesburg, where she will be correspondent for the London Daily Telegraph. I knew there was a great uncle John who went to South Africa long ago, so I went exploring.

Let me say a little about the family to which I belong. I have in front of me a family tree which was drawn up about a hundred years ago and which seems to be pretty direct back to a William Laing of Millfield (probably Scotland) who was born in 1759. Prior to that it records Thomas Laing (1680-1765) who married Isobel Neil by whom he had six recorded children. The earliest date is for William (1596) of Drumgowan.

A Scottish Dictionary of family names records the origin of the name as being Scandinavian and mentions it as occurring for the first time in Scotland about 1275 when it was spelt Layng or possibly Laying, which emphasises that the pronunciation – as my Father always insisted – was Lay-ing and not Lang, as is so often the case outside Scotland. The derivation of course is from Long – i.e. the long man, which in my case is appropriate enough, as are the long Viking cheekbones.

The other thing to mention at this stage is the constant recurrence of the Christian name William – and the tradition is that there is a William in every generation of our family – as was my Father, I am and so is my youngest son Rory. Other names which recur from way back are James, George and Peter.

As a name, it certainly became focussed on Aberdeen where, if not as common as Smith in parts of England, it is certainly well represented. Ironically, I married Anthea Gill, also of Aberdeen for several generations, with a Yorkshire Mother (some said did I enjoy living dangerously! – but we have survived over three decades). Her family had a paintworks for more than 150 years, and some interesting relations I won’t tell you about now.

Work was always hard to come by in Scotland and there was constant emigration to England and further afield in search of better circumstances. By the early 1800s there were some Laings around Carlisle, where David Laing (mentioned as someone elsewhere on these websites as being a stonemason) founded the company which became John Laing Construction and is today Laing O’Rourke. (They all insisted on the Lay-ing pronunciation by the way so far as I know). I once had lunch with the firm’s archivist, and their family tree and ours contain so many similar names that there must be a connection somewhere. Among the vast range of work carried out over so long was the rebuilding of Coventry Cathedral which I suspect gave them enormous pleasure – although at that time John W(illiam) Laing, who had started life in Cumberland was a member of the Plymouth Bretheren.

Anyway my grandparents and for all I know even earlier ones came to Liverpool and Birkenhead during the nineteenth century – a frequent jumping off point for the rest of the world. From the photographs I still have I think to begin with they were in reasonable circumstances, he being a cotton-broker in Liverpool, and living as so many people did in what was then a comfortable part of Birkenhead. In 1908 he died suddenly leaving his widow with three smallish children to rear. Eventually Marion emigrated to America and spent most of her life nursing, until she died around 1970 in San Diego. George was educated with help from the Masonic order and emigrated to Canada, where his children Ron (lives near Kingston) and Margaret (in B.C.) remain. He was a radio operator and joined Ferry Command in the early part of WWII. He was killed on a return flight with many colleagues, and they are buried in Lamlash Cemetery on the Isle of Arran, off the west coast of Scotland, where I have visited the grave on a couple of occasions.

My Father – the middle child – looked after his Mother, and after a brief episode in the cotton world which was going downhill even then moved to banking and remained with Lloyds Bank for the rest of his life in Birkenhead where my brother and sister (Stephen and Janet) have continued to live.

After Birkenhead School 1944-58 I went to Trinity College, the University of Dublin, and have retained a connection with Ireland, both south and north ever since, having worked there for about half the last forty years. There I learned most Laings lived in Ballyconnell Co. Cavan, which is just on the border, the names of William Marion and Patricia all appearing on gravestones in the Church of Ireland burial ground. No doubt they came from Scotland through Belfast. I know that some of my great uncles went to the USA (Uncle Alf who owned a string of laundries so far as I know and visited us in Birkenhead on a couple of occasions) South Africa and also I think to Australia – that would be 100-150 years ago.

Now I have tried to join up some of the loose ends I detected as I read through the various contributions to the site and hope I have filled in a few gaps here and there. It would be very good to have news of what everyone else has done with themselves – very briefly my career, if you can call it that, was for thirty years as an organiser and promoter of classical music of which about ten years was as a Festival Director in several centres. In later years, change of direction, inclination – call it what you like I moved to other things – though usually with some sort of fund-raising/charitable impetus to them culminating in rebuilding a narrow gauge railway between the Giant’s Causeway and Bushmills which opened in 2002 – there is a website, though I am no longer involved.

We live in the south of England, about 40 miles west of London which we visit quite frequently. I have five sons by two marriages – Julian and Sebastian (whose surname was changed to Richie after their Mother remarried) and Hugo, and twins Marco and Rory. Marco is married to Sally, and Rory has been seeing rather a lot of Daisy. Julian and Sebastian have five children, boys and girls, between them, but there are - as the legal fraternity would put it - no proofs of affection so far, further down the line.

Very best wishes to you all wherever you are!
David William Laing

7 September 2009

Hi, I'm James Stewart Laing
TV cameraman based in Cheshire

28 October 2008

Archibald Laing

Hello, I'm the great-great-grandson of Archibald Laing of Birchy Head near BONNE BAY, Newfoundland. My great-grandfather George Le Moine was born in 1876. He was a twin and his brother's name was Frank. He married Frances Laing, daughter of Archibald and Harriet. Please let me know if you have any info.

Ronald Le Moine

25 October 2008

Hi, My dad and my grandad are both Allister Laing originally from Aberdeen, Scotland. My gran is Lily Laing also from Aberdeen.

Shelley Laing

14 September 2008

Hi, My great-great-grandfather was Sir James Laing of Sir James Laing and Sons, Shipbuilders from Sunderland. I would be interested to hear from any other Laings from this family.

Debbie Wright

25 August 2008

Hello, I am Rick Laing. I like your website. My line of the Laing family hails from Aberdeen, Scotland. My great-great-grandfather James C.W. Laing, son of David Laing and Agnes McKenzie Wyness, and his wife Mary Pirie brought their children (James, William, John, and Stanley) to America arriving in Baltimore, Maryland on 24 July 1890. James was a stone cutter and worked in a quarry near Baltimore and a couple of years later moved to and settled in Westerly, Rhode Island.

Tyne & Wear
24 August 2008

Hi, I'm Pat Bell. My father was James Laing born in Northumberland, where I understand the name was first recorded. Good to see so many other Laings.

Pat Bell

British Columbia
27 July 2008

Fullerton history…

Hello! I discovered your website today, and was comparing some Fullerton genealogy with yours.

We want to find some Fullertons in Scotland or England, directly related to my great-grandfather, Thomas Kerr Fullerton, born Aug. 24, 1852, who emigrated to America in 1880. He was the son of a Thomas Fullerton, born about 1826, to another Thomas Fullerton, born about 1794, and Isabella Nelson, born 1793. The latter correspond to the Fullerton Genealogy page on your website, which shows a Thomas Fullerton, born c1795, and Isabella, born c1797, but their two sons were Robert and James. If these two had another name, Thomas, and used it, either could be my great-great-grandfather.

If there is any connection that you know of, please advise by e-mail. Also, if I can provide further information, please advise.

Gary Fullerton

18 June 2008

Looking for a Joe Laing

I am trying to trace a Joe Laing who lived in Melbourne during the mid 60s. He worked as a shunter on the railway, at Flinders Street Station. We shared a rooming house at 108 Ireland Street, North Melbourne. He had two daughters that may be teachers. I would be delighted if you could help me.

James McTernan

23 May 2008

Hello there, My name is Callum Laing. My father was born in Edinburgh: Iain Laing. Glad to see so many of us around the world. Best wishes to all!

Blue Mountains
7 May 2008

Hi there, as yet another Laing, I'd love to leave an entry in the guestbook.

I'm Angela Woulfe (née Elsner), and my father was Bertram L. Laing, born at Orange, New South Wales, about 1920. His father was Thomas G. Laing, born at Trangie, New South Wales, about 1895. My details are a little sketchy beyond that. I know that Thomas G. Laing lived at Trunkey Creek, New South Wales, and at Orange, New South Wales. He served in WWI, and luckily returned home to Australia. If anyone can assist with furthering my knowledge of this little bunch of Laings, I would be extremely grateful… I'm sure there's some more rellies out there, somewhere.

Good wishes to all!

2 May 2008

Hello there, my name is Kevin Laing. My father is Walter Laing and was born in Laurencekirk, Scotland. Glad to see so many Laings around the globe, health and best wishes to you all.

29 April 2008

John M. Laing

I am writing a book on the history of Canadian cricket. I am trying to track down a John M. Laing of Toronto who was born in 1874 and died on 1 November 1947 in Toronto. He is regarded as one of the finest all-rounders to ever play cricket for Canada, but he played his last game aged 27.

I saw your Laing family website and thought that you might be connected. Any information will be gratefully received.

Patrick Adams

25 April 2008

Robert Laing from Ancrum, Roxburghshire, Scotland

Hello fellow Laings - I am Linda Laing born Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

My parents were Harry Clayton Laing, born in Michigan, USA in 1918 and Margaret Charlotte Murray born 1918 in Berwickshire, Scotland. Harry had five brothers, Joe, Fred, Andy, Herb, and Ross.

My grandparents were Arthur Garfield Laing born 1881 in Ridgetown, Ontario, Canada and Lulu Mary Parsons. Art had five brothers, George, Andrew, Robert, Joe and Earl and one sister Jenny.

My great-grandparents were Joseph Laing born 1847 somewhere in Scotland and Mary Martin. They were married in Canada. He had one brother William who was the natural son of Thomas Mills and Agnes Laing (Andrew Laing's sister) but who was adopted by Andrew Laing.

My great-great-grandparents were Andrew Laing born 1825 in Ancrum Parish, Roxburghshire, Scotland and Jane Ellison. They were married in 1847 in Jedburgh, Scotland. Andrew had three brothers, Robert, James and John, and two sisters Agnes and Margaret. Agnes married Thomas Mills and Margaret married Andrew Gray. Andrew and Jane arrived in Canada with Joseph and William in about 1861.

My great-great-great-grandparents were Robert Laing born c1796 in Roxburghshire, Scotland and Agness Ovens born 1796 in St. Boswells, Roxburghshire, Scotland. They were married in 1821 in Ancrum Parish, Roxburghshire, Scotland. Agness died and Robert married for a second time to Jean Douglas born c1817 somewhere in Scotland. Robert and Jean had six of their own children Douglas and Willie born in Scotland and Jane, Beatrice, George and Thomas born in Ontario. Douglas became a Reverend and was the minister of the First Baptist church in Kingston, Ontario. Willie settled in Saskatchewan, Canada. George settled in Manitoba. Beatrice married Robert Kines and they settled in Perth County, Ontario. Robert and Jean emigrated to Canada in 1850 with their six children as well as John from Robert's first marriage.

I have been unable to locate a baptismal record for Robert and therefore do not know his parents' names..

9 April 2008

Laings in Canada

Hi, My mother was Elizabeth Anderson Graham Laing, daughter of Thomas Bateman Laing of Tillicoultry, Scotland. He immigrated to Canada in 1910. I have been searching for years for Laings in Scotland. He came with his half uncle, grandfather Peter married twice. He came from a large family but so far I have not connected with any of them. It would be wonderful if I could.

Enid Harlow

3 April 2008

Laing Family Coldingham and Cockburnspath, Berwickshire, Scotland

Hello, I am pleased to add my congratulations to this fine website. I am Peter Laing Gillies. My mother was a Laing and her/my family originally came from Cockburnspath where they were tailors. I would be pleased to exchange any family information.


17 March 2008

Hi, My name is Diane Laing, my father Alexander M. Laing (born in Port Glasgow, Scotland) and his father, my grandfather, is Alexander Laing, also born in Scotland (I think he went by Allister, or Alec at times from different people in Scotland). This website is great. I'm not sure if I'm related at all, but both my parents were born in Glasgow. I'd really like to sign the guest book and see where it goes from there.

Thanks so much,
Diane M. Laing

New South Wales
16 March 2008

Laing - Australia

I am Monica Laing from Central Western NSW. We have a big Laing family that settled in this area in the 1860s. Two brothers, from Falkirk in Scotland, migrated to Australia during the gold rush in Victoria. William remained there while Edward moved to NSW and settled there. Many of us still remain in the area.

Monica Laing

14 February 2008

My name is Tevita Topui, formerly David Laing. My mother was Caroline Laing, daughter of Cyril John Laing and Elise (Teoka) Laing of New Zealand. Cyril (my grandfather) was a son of David Laing. All originally from Falkirk, the family migrated to New Zealand in the early days. If anyone knows or has any more information that would be awesome.

Kind regards,
Tevita Topui

New York
6 February 2008

Hello and how are you doing? As you can see my name is also Laing and there are quite a few of us here in New York City. The older generation is from Kingston, Jamaica but we the younger ones are from here in America. I was wondering if anyone else on this page is related to me or my family of Laings?

Paul Laing

4 February 2008

Hiya, My mother Elizabeth Laing moved to Nottingham with her three brothers Andrew, David and Peter when she was a young girl from Paisley, Scotland with my grandad Andrew and gran Ivy. Just want to say hi to uncle Andy. Hope you're all well.

Cindy xxx

South Africa
20 January 2008

Hi to all other Laings, just a short hello, I am Beverley Ann Laing from South Africa. My dad was Henry John Laing. He married my mom Alison Jeffries. I also have a brother Brian Richard Laing. Also a deceased brother Roland John Laing, who only lived for about one year. How is this for coincidence, my second marriage is to Roland Osborne. Roland is a very uncommon name in South Africa

I will be 50 next month and Brian will be 57 June month. My married surname is now Osborne. Was really pleased to come across this site, HI TO ALL YOU LAINGS!


18 January 2008

Just wondered if you could throw any light on Allan or Alan Laing born 1943/44 in Dundee and raised in a Barnardo's orphanage from the age of approximately two. He went on to become a joiner.

Lesley Mulgrew

17 January 2008

Hello everyone, I am Kevin Laing from Montréal, Canada. My parents came to Canada in 1967 from Dundee, Scotland. My father is Eric Laing of Dundee and my mother is June McLaggen of Dundee. It's interesting to see the number of Laings here. Cheers

Pembroke Pine
12 January 2008

My mother is Beverley Laing from St. Mary, Jamaica. My grandfather's name is Leroy Laing. He has lived in England for over fifty years.

Laurence Taylor

8 January 2008

Laings from Sleaford

Greetings from Lincolnshire! I am Matthew Laing and I believe come from Aberdeen stock although it's all rather sketchy. This Christmas I found some details on my paternal grandfather, Alexander Laing, date of birth 4 September 1901. I received some military records and medals and as I am in the military myself I decided to try to do some digging on my side of the Laing clan!

My father James Laing and my mother Pamela née Smith were brought up in Chingford, Essex and then the family moved to Devon in the late 1960s where they remain. It appears through family legend that the name comes from the Aberdeen area although I have nothing to back that up. My grandfather was I believe one of at least seven children whose names I struggle to remember but I believe Leslie was a brother.

Not much to go on I know, but if any Laings out there can assist me in any way I'd be delighted and will provided whatever information I can.

Many thanks,
Matt Laing

30 December 2007

Laings From Berwickshire to Canada

Hello everyone, I am someone else who hasn't come across this website before despite researching for Laings for several years. I have the family in Cockburnspath, Berwickshire, Scotland in the early 1800s, then some spread their wings the few miles to Coldingham, also in Berwickshire.

For the last few years I have been trying to trace where my grandmother's brothers John (b. 1885) and Joseph (b. c1894) settled in Canada/America. They emigrated from Coldingham, Berwickshire, Scotland about the end of WW1. They also had a sister, Anne (Annie) McCallum Laing (b. 1896) who emigrated about the mid 1920s. She married out there but I don't know her married surname.

An aunt and cousins of theirs went out to Canada in 1908. I have managed to find out much more about them as the sons joined the C.E.F in WW1 and their attestation papers gave me addresses in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The aunt was Jane Hay Laing (b. c1861) and the cousins were George (b. 1886), Henry (b. 1897), Alexander Laing (b. 1895). (Henry married Gladys Tabbernor and they were living in Vancouver when they died. According to the obituary they had no children.) There was also a sister, Isabella (Bella) (b. 1893) who married Albert Cook and lived in Antioch, Illinois. Bella had grandchildren, Brian and Jeff according to her obituary which some kind person found for me.

Would be very interested to find any families descended from the above family. Thank you for this opportunity.

Health and Happiness in 2008 to all the Laings out there.

7 December 2007


I'm the brother of Anne who made an entry on here on 22nd July 2006… and didn't tell me about it!! Father was Ian and the rest is in Anne’s piece. We also have a sister, Kathryn, although now she is named Currey.

Interesting to see so many people named Laing over all the world… it's very rare to bump into anyone with the same surname at all… keep up the good work and good luck all in trying to find whatever you are hoping to find…


30 November 2007

Laing Family

Hi, I am Jon Laing (female), the daughter of John Guthrie and Leonie Laing from Walgett in NSW Australia. My father was the son of Thomas Guthrie Laing who lived the latter part of his life near Cowra in NSW.

My great-grandfather came from Scotland and was a Doctor of Theology in the Presbyterian Church. He studied at Edinburgh University, migrated to Australia in the 1860s and became the Moderator of the Church in NSW and I think lived at Maitland. One of his sons went to New Zealand and married Elizabeth.

My father had three siblings: Helen, Stuart and Joan. I know we also had relatives in what was Rhodesia - I think they were cousins of my father and one was called Bob Laing - I even have a photograph of him, taken some time during the Second World War.

It is interesting to read about the diverse group of Laings and see how many are called James. My New Zealand relation was called James as was my great-grandfather.

Best wishes,
Jon Laing

New York
24 November 2007

Hi, My name is Christopher Laing. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica. My father's name is Warrington Alphanso Laing. I had three sisters, Ingrid, Leonie, and Stephanie Laing; Stephanie Laing passed away in 2001. I grew up in Kingston, Jamaica until I was 23 then I migrated to the United States.

I did not really get to know my family well but I know I have a cousin in Jamaica name Tony Laing. He has/had a radio show. I really don't know much about him because we haven't met in person. However I met his mother, my father's sister. My father also had several brothers and sisters, some with different name than Laing.

I currently live in the Bronx, NY, USA. you can contact me at [replace at with the at sign]. Please forward this to any Jamaica name Laing, maybe we can make a connection. If I have a regret is that I never really got to know my father's family better… is anyone out there with any information that could be helpful, I would really appreciate it. I also know I have cousins in Boston, MA but not sure of name or whereabouts.

Christopher Laing

S.L.D. Laing

27 October 2007


Is it possible to "sign" your guestbook?
I'd be interested to supply information about my branch of the LAING family.
2. Married ELIZABETH BREWSTER born 1838
Nine children


4 October 2007

Laing Family

We moved to Melbourne, Australia in January 2005 from South Africa. My husband Peter Andre Laing, myself, Colleen, son Brett and daughter Michelle. His brother Gary and his family Nikki, Samantha and Rebecca from South Africa are from the descendents of the Laings of Blagannoch in the Shire of Dumfries Scotland.

We would be interested in making contact with any family member, as we have discovered that James Edgar Laing, born 1843, died 1897, married Mary Brown who died in 1920, moved to Australia. Their line of family included Jane Ellen Laing, born 1870, died 1947, married John Cuthbertson Brown. They had a daughter Gwen who married Staniforth Rickerson and had a daughter Elizabeth (no more information available). John Wytcliffe, born 1878, married Edith Laing. James Arthur Laing changed his name to Kemp, married Marjory, daughter Lindy (no more information available). Arthur Brown, born 1881, married Jessie Wytcliffe of Korumburra.

In some of the correspondence, I found a letter from Max Laing. It was on a compliments slip from a company in Melbourne (Audco, Queens Road, Melbourne) and his residential address was 6 Landen Place, Toorak, Melbourne. One half of the family migrated to South Africa. John Laing, son of William Laing of Carephairn in the Shire of Dumfries and grandson of Robert Laing of Thornhill, was a Member of Parliament for Seymour and a personal friend of Cecil John Rhodes. The township of Laingsburg is named after him.

We would love to hear from you if you should have any information of the present Laing families. Kindly contact me on [replace at with the at sign].

Colleen Laing

David Tyrie Laing

David Tyrie Laing

New Hampshire
22 September 2007

David Tyrie Laing

Hi! My grandmother was Annie Tyrie Lindsay. Somehow she was related to a David Tyrie Laing who died in the Boer War on January 3, 1901. I have a number of pieces of memorabilia, including pictures. He was in charge of Lord Kitchener's bodyguard at the time of his death at Lindley, South Africa. He was from the Edzell/Dundee area of Scotland. I would love to hear from anyone who has any knowledge of him or his family. Thanks!

Brett Anderson

Bloomfield Hills
15 September 2007

Laing Family Connection

Hello, my great-grandmother was born Ada Laing in Dundee, Scotland. She married my great-grandfather, Walter James Lane of Bristol, England. They emigrated (either together or before marrying) to the U.S. and had four boys and a girl. My information leads me to believe that Ada's parents were James Laing and his wife Robina.

One interesting new piece of information I have found is that when Ada was coming through Ellis Island with two of her sons in 1913, she listed Meg Laing as the closest relative from her native land. Meg's address was listed as 10 Barrack St., Dundee. Does this connect with anyone? I am not sure if Meg was James' sister, sister-in-law or possibly even his aunt as well and Ada's great-aunt.

Any information about the above would be most appreciated.

Robert Lane

12 September 2007

Want to get to know more Laing family members.

Hello, my name is Margo Laing. My father's name is Lloyd Laing and his father's name is George Laing. My family is of Jamaican decent. My father has four children, two sons and two daughters, one which is me, and my sister whose name is Karen Laing. The boys' names are Lloyd Laing Jr. (J.J.) and then there's Stephen Laing. I just wanted to know some the Laing family from Jamaica and the U.S.A. and Canada.

2 September 2007

Hi, this is Andrea Laing with a message for Marie Laing. It was me who wrote in the guestbook about three years ago. I live near Dudley in the Black Country now. If you read this message then please tell Mum when you phone her. It was interesting to read your bit of history that you wrote.

Andrea Laing

We have forwarded this message from Andrea Laing, who sent her previous message to the Guest Book on 6 October 2004, to Marie Laing, who sent a message to the Guest Book on 29 June 2007.

Van Wert
14 August 2007

Another Kevin Laing! Good on ya. My father was Robert Bruce Laing, and his father was Bruce Odean Laing from Milton, North Dakota, USA. My great-grandfather was Bert Laing.

Kevin Laing

6 July 2007

Laing Family from Sunderland

Hello, I am Alison Laing Forbes and I am descended from a line of shipbuilders in Sunderland. The furthest back I have been able to find is Hall Laing, a shipwright who married Jane Gutherie in Liverpool in 1799 but is described as being a native of Dunbar NB.

I would love to hear from anyone who might be related.


3 July 2007

Laing Family from Sunderland

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself and my family. My name is Derek Laing from Sunderland, England. I am the youngest son of David and Elizabeth (Betty) Laing. I have two brothers, the eldest being David, and Andrew. I have two children with my lovely wife Michelle. Their names are Jordan and Nicole. My son found this website by accident and we are amazed to find how many Laings there are around the globe.

Best wishes,
Derek, Michelle, Jordan and Nicole.

29 June 2007

The Laings From Kirkcaldy and Buckhaven, Fife, Scotland

A big hello from Kirkcaldy, Fife in Scotland to all of the other members of the Laing family.

My name is Marie-Julie Laing and I was born and bred in Kirkcaldy. I have two daughters and also two granddaughters, plus a sister Louise (now Ellis), who lives near-by and has quite a large family of her own nowadays.

My gran and grandad were James and Margaret (née Morrison) Laing and they lived in Buckhaven. I remember hearing during my childhood years, that grandad had relatives in Sunderland, but that's as far as my knowledge extends regarding the Sunderland Laings. Grandad was married twice.

My father was John Kinnaird Laing. He served in India during World War II, as a medic in the Cameron Highlanders, and my mother was Mary Julie Doyle Laing. (Thankfully I have the Doyle nose.)

Our branch of the Laing family is also a large one. My gran came from Arbroath, Scotland and she settled in Fife when she married grandad who was a coal-miner in Buckhaven. My brother (now sadly deceased), and his wife Jean, moved to England and raised their family there. I'm wondering if it is my niece Andrea in Evesham, Worcestershire, who wrote to say most of her family is in Kirkcaldy.

We still have a lot of family in Arbroath, and apart from the cousins who still live in Buckhaven, Methil, Linlithgo, Lundin Links and Leven, the others have all moved away, some to Kirkcaldy, others to England and my cousin Nan has lived for many years in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

I have a plaque which says we Laings are a Sept of the MacDonald Clan. The motto on it is 'Bydand' (which means 'remaining'), and it says we are entitled to wear the Gordon tartan.

Best Wishes,

16 June 2007

Betty Laing

In 1956/57/58 in Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I was teaching pre-school and boarding with a girl called Betty Laing who was also a teacher. She was brought up on a farm called Bon Accord in Tullamore near Condoblin in New South Wales, Australia. I'm now 71 and Betty I think would be a year older. My name has changed from Margaret Longhurst to Margaret Brabrook. I'd love to catch up with Betty and chat about old times - so if anyone knows her would you ask her to e-mail me. Many thanks indeed.

Margaret Brabrook

South Plainfield
New Jersey
13 June 2007

Hello, My name is Patti. I write as multi-published author AP Miller and I have lived in the home of Edith Laing here in South Plainfield, NJ for the past 30 years. The home in its original state was built in 1895 by Edith and is still standing and solid. I am e-mailing the family in case any family member would like to buy it to keep this turn of the century home in the family before I sell to the public.

Patti Rebmann/AP Miller, author

21 May 2007

Laings from Jamaica

This is amazing -- I would love to find out more about my ancestry as well. I am not sure I am related to you -- since my family is from the Caribbean -- My family is from St. Mary, Jamaica. My grandfather's name is Archibald Laing and my Dad's name is Lambert Laing. -- I don't really know many Laings beyond my immediate family -- aunts/uncles on my dad's side -- would love to know more. Please forward me any info from laings that I may be linked to.

Thanks --
Alicia Laing

New York
25 April 2007

Laing from Jamaica

My name is Fitz Laing. I do not know if we are related but I am trying to make a link. My grandfather is Bertram Laing. He is from somewhere in St. Mary, Jamaica. That is as much as I currently know.

Fitz Laing

St. Petersburg
13 April 2007

Hello, My name is Steven Laing. God Bless all the additional Laings out there. Ray Laing, Ronnie Laing, Alexander Laing, Ashby Laing, Crystal Laing, Jon Laing, Lauri Laing. All my Family, all over Florida.

29 March 2007

Laings of Sunderland

Hello to you all, I am the Laings from Deptford, Sunderland Tyne and Wear. I am trying to trace any Laings from this area. My grandmother was Mary Clark Laing and grandmother was Eleanor White. My grandfather was Hall Laing and when checking for their son John Clark Laing it has appeared as South African descendants. Would like to hear from anyone.


7 March 2007

Looking for any Laing from Jamaica

My name is Linda Laing. My dad's name is John Roy Laing or Roy John Laing born in 1938 in Jamaica. He passed away 4 March 2007 and I'm looking for any possible relatives. Names I already have are Claude Laing, Spector Laing, Manley Laing, Eva Laing, Hyacinth Laing. His Mom's name was Icyline Watson. Please if you think you might be related call me ASAP. The funeral is 17 March 2007. Thanks.

He moved to Buffalo, NY. He was 69 years old, born February 10th.

South Africa
4 March 2007

Hi Laings, I am Willem Hendrik Laing. We are the fourth generation. My father is Sebastian Johannes Laing and my grandfather is John Hendry Laing. Apparently my grandfather’s father was one of two brothers that arrived here in South Africa after World War II.

Wimpie Laing

13 February 2007

Harry George Needham Laing

My name is Martin Short and we are trying to find the birth record for the above. We know he was born in 1870 but not where nor have details of his parents. He apparently schooled at Eton and was in the British Army. If anyone has come across him in their searches could you let me know.

Thank you very much.

Port Elizabeth
South Africa
9 February 2007

I'm sure we are not part of your Laing family, but there aren't too many Laings in South Africa. I'm Nikki Laing married to Gary William Laing whose father was William Thompson (Bill) Laing. I have two daughters, Sam 15 and Rebecca 11. We are thrilled to hear there are so many Laings around the world.

My daughter Sam thought she was the only Sam Laing … she's in for a surprise!!! Anyway we are happy to have found your web page.

Nikki Laing

Ohio 45854
21 January 2007

Jonathan Edward Laing

17 January 2007

Falkirk Laings

My name is Stephen John Laing. I was born in Falkirk Royal Infirmary on 31st of May 1965. My father is Alexander Laing who was born in Shieldhill, Falkirk, now aged 72 years (if you ever get the local book on the history Shieldhill my dad is the baby held on the front cover by my great-great-grandmother who was the local midwife). His father was Johnny Laing from Shieldhill who was married to Georgina Cockburn.

Here comes the twist, my father married a lady called Isabella Preston who was the oldest daughter of Martin Preston (my grandfather on my mum's side) and Miss Jessica Laing (my grandmother). Interbred? You decide.

heres tae us whas like us damn few n there awe deed, mairs the pity
Stevie Laing

8 January 2007

My name is Anne Marie Laing. I am 26 years old. My dad is Ezekiel Laing and my family is of Jamaican descent, but from what my mother told me they are originally from Scotland and moved to Jamaica many years ago. Nice to see all the people who share the same name.

Anne Marie Laing

3 January 2007

Laings from Aberdeen

Hi, My great-great-great-grandfather James Laing lived in Aberdeen working as a butcher. His son James Stewart Laing (my great-great-grandfather) came to Brisbane and married Charlotte Sophia Schweikert.

Charlotte Sophia Schweikert is the daughter of Johann George Schweikert (29/11/1832-08/02/1902) and Anna Kluver (1851-25/12/1930).

I am hoping to explore the Laing side of my family in Aberdeen. My great-great-grandfather James Stewart Laing was born in 1865 in Aberdeen.

If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate being dropped a line. My email address is matthewATmatthewryanDOTinfo.


Central Scotland
19 December 2006

Hello Laings. My name is Steven Laing. I'm 34 years young and was born in Falkirk Scotland, where I still live today. It's good to see we Laings are spreading all over the world. Peace and good health to you all. xxxx

18 December 2006

Hi Laing Family

My name is Ian Laing and my great-grandfather James Laing came from Aberdeen to Brisbane in 1886, and only yesterday I found out that he had a brother Andrew Laing who also moved to Brisbane around the same time. I have alway been told by my family, that all the Laings in Brisbane till the 1960s were related in some way. So I would like to meet some of my more distant relatives in Brisbane. But I am also trying to trace my family tree, and I know that my great-great-grandparents James and Catherine Laing had at least nine children in which James and Andrew were only two of them. So if anybody out in the Laing family could help me it would be appreciated.

Ian Laing

South Africa
8 December 2006

Laing Family

My name is Minette van der Schyff. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. My great-grandfather on my mother's side was John William Laing. It appears at some stage that he came to South Africa and from there it all appears to be a bit of a murky. It will be great if I could trace back some of my roots and my families on my mother's side.

Minette van der Schyff

17 October 2006

Mary Barrowman Laing

My father's mother was Mary Barrowman Laing (b. 1901 Glasgow, Scotland). Her father and mother were James Barrowman Laing (Watchmaker) and Annie McWhinnie (m. 1901 Bridgeton, Galsgow). They had four children together. Sadly Annie died after giving birth to a son in 1909 and a few months later the child died also. James remarried in 1911 to Jessie Blair - they had a further two children. All the children who survived were female - my grandmother was the only one to marry.

James Barrowman Laing had five other siblings, Henry, Agnes, William, John and Neil. Their mother and father were William Laing (Paper and Book Cutter) and Mary Barrowman (m. 1873 Hamilton, Scotland). William's parents were Henry Laing and Betsy Ramsay (m. 1842 Abdie, Fife Scotland).

This is as far as I can trace the Laings in my family tree. My grandmother's family still predominantly live in Scotland although some of us are scattered far and wide to France and also Seattle.

Ruth Lowe

2 October 2006

Hello Laing Families

Hi, I'm Val Laing (by marriage to Bryan). Lovely to stumble on this website and read messages from Laings around the world. Now living in Lancashire, England but originally from Sunderland in Co. Durham. Bryan's dad and brother are both David Laing and his mother was Jemima.

Our son is Stephen and grandson Aidan James and our daughter Karen is now working in Singapore - so at least one Laing there. My daughter would agree with you Amanda (Sydney) about the nose. Next time she's in Sydney I'll tell her to look out for one like hers.

Keep this great site going, will visit regularly.

Take care all,

25 September 2006

Hi, My name is William Laing. I live in Myrtleford, Victoria, Australia. All I know about the Laing name is it's Scottish. Take it easy all Laings!

16 September 2006

David Matthew Laing

Hi Laings just looking through the net as many of you have before me and discovered you guys and just wanted to say "hello". I'm from Larkhall in Scotland and my family comes from Buckie on the north-east coast up past Aberdeen. I'd love to hear from any you guys out there who may be descended from the Laings of the same area.

Cheers and good luck,

Western Australia
15 September 2006


Hi, I wonder if you are able to assist me, my great grandfather "HENRY TODD LAING" left Scotland in the early 1900s and came to South Africa and married. In 1935 my dad was born and his dad (my grandfather) passed away when he was about two years old. I am not sure of the year he passed away but it was not long after my dad was born… I am trying to trace any relatives to Henry and was wondering if you are in a position to assist.

Ps I received your information from the internet. I have immigrated and have been living in Australia since the beginning of this year.

Thank you,
Basil Laing

14 September 2006

Hi there, found your page by accident, my name is Susan Laing, I'm 32 years old, my brother is Brian D. Laing, he's 26. I also have a daughter Alicia, she's 8. We live in Darlington County, Durham, England. My father's name is Noel Laing, he's from Durham City, his brothers are Robert, William (Billy), Louis (Lewis), Harry, Thomas (Tommy/Tom) and sisters May and Nora. My grandfather's name is Robert. He was born in 1885 in Oxbridge (now swallowed up by Washington, Tyne and Wear), he married Mary Jane Molyneaux, born 1903. In the 1901 census my grandfather lived in Old Elvet in Durham City with his brother Louis (Lewis) who was twenty years senior to my grandfather. Lewis was married to Anne from Scotland.

My grandfather had a brother who moved to America and ran a successful restaurant. Not sure of his name but I have found a Henry (Harry?) Laing who went to America, sailing from Sunderland, in the Ellis Islands, records listed as a cook.

Rumours that my grandfather's marriage to my nana was a second marriage and that there is offspring to the first marriage and rumours that my grandfather was adopted but not sure how much of that is true. I come from a huge family with A LOT of cousins, but I can't seem to get any further back in my family tree than my grandfather. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Susan Laing

"I've grown in a world of my own. Never accepted by the masses of society so I found rescue through music."

7 September 2006

Laings in Oz

I was just killing a bit of time at work to give myself a break and found this website. The Laing side of my family came to Australia from Scotland as free settlers looking for opportunity. I was surprised as I was expecting that they would have been convicts, this seems to be the dominant folklore of early European settlement in Australia. Not sure what the early Laings did when they got here but there are 3 generations of us that have gone into building and renovations (Grandpa, Dad and my bro). I'm the black sheep and became a psychologist. It's always nice to have a few builders around to get some pointers when you're in a tight spot.

Bruce Laing

Extended Hours Team
Child & Youth Mental Health Service
Royal Children's Hospital & Health Services District

Tommy Laing

14 August 2006

Hi, I am Tommy Laing, of Vivian, Louisiana. I have an extended family here. My father is Thomas Leon Laing Sr. and I am the Junior. My father was raised in foster homes. Not a lot of our heritage is known but just a little. My grandfather was a blacksmith in north-eastern Louisiana. We have several sets of Laings in Louisiana but as far as I can tell we are all related in some way. This is a nice way to meet some of the family. Wave and a big hello Y'all!

Tommy Laing
child of the Way

10 August 2006

Hi all Laings, my name is Christopher D.M. Laing. My father is David Laing and he is son of William Laing. I'm interested in tracing my family history. My grandfather William Laing (deceased) was born in or around Sunderland. I think we may have came from Scotland originally. I am interested to find out all I can about my family name as I am proud to be a Laing and would love to meet more of my distant family. My grandfather died about 16 years ago in Folkestone Kent and was 65 when he died. Can anyone help further back than this? Thanks.

Christopher Laing

6 August 2006

Laings, but not directly related

My daughter, Susan Laing, passed on your website information.

My husband's family is from Otisville, Michigan, USA. His grandpa Paul Laing wrote a book about the family history, how a sea ship captain (Robert?) from Scotland finally settled in the States after many trips across the Atlantic. So we are not that closely related, but probably somewhere way, way back.

I am also interested in contacting Andrea Laing from Jamaica -- one of my friends from church, Leary Gilpin, is from Jamaica; he had asked me if my husband's family was related to any of the Laings in Jamaica. I said I wasn't sure.

My family of origin is Polish, although my grandparents that came to the USA in the early 1900's had never lived in Poland because there was no country of Poland at that time -- like Gaul, Poland was divided into 3 parts.

Christine (Szczerbinski) Laing

Des Moines
2 August 2006

Adam Gray Laing

My name is Adam Gray Laing. I do not know much about my family. I was taken from my parents at a very young age. I was born on August 21st 1984 in Greenville Texas, Hunt County. I now live on the streets in Des Moines, Iowa. My mother lives somewhere in Omaha and has a horrible drug habbit. I do not know my father. I am looking to reach my family. I am healthwise in trouble and I want to know my family before I die. If anybody out there is related to me I really want to meet you. Thank you once again.

Adam Laing

30 July 2006

My name is William John Laing born in South Africa 1959-05-8. My father's family were all farmers. Not many Laings in South Africa. I'm living in beautiful Namibia with my son and twins. Only Laings in country. Will send more info about father's family history.

25 July 2006

Hi, I'm Nicole Laing. My father, David Laing, of Jamaican descent. I noticed another girl on the site from Jamaica also, so I decided to leave a note too.

22 July 2006

My name is Anne Burnett Laing Bademosi. I am in the very early stages of tracing my family tree on my father's side and was very excited to find your website. I don't know if I am related to anyone on the website but it's great to see so many Laings dotted around the world. I don't know much about my ancestry and unfortunately my father died in 1995 so I am really starting from scratch. I know my great-grandfather was called James Laing and was a pharmacist in Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire. My grandfather was David Burnett Laing who was a doctor spending his later years in Sheffield Yorkshire and my father was Ian Burnett Laing, a chemist who lived in Sheffield then moved to the Highlands of Scotland. Other than that not much more info but hoping to find out more.

Anne Burnett Laing Bademosi

22 July 2006

Aberdeenshire Laings

Thank you to the Fullerton Laing Family for setting up this website. It is long overdue! Sadly, I do not think that I can provide information relating to your family as my relatives all 'bided' in Aberdeenshire – although, interestingly, my father's sister's name was Isobel Dunn Laing.

I am Janet Anderson Laing and have traced my Laing ancestors back to my g.g. grandfather, John Laing b. 1830, Fintray. Unfortunately, he was born, as we euphemistically say, 'the wrong side of the blanket' so the trail goes a bit cold there. However, I do know that his mother was Mary Mitchell and his father was also called John Laing who, I suspect, went on to have another family. In trying to trace him, I had a short-list of possible candidates, one of whom is John Laing b. 1810, Old Deer. It could be that Cathy and Donald (8 and 9 Jan 06) are very distant relatives.

I am a member of the Aberdeen and North East Scotland Family History Society who have provided me with lots of useful information. They have research assistants who can check Scottish records for a fee.

Best wishes to all Laing families,
Janet Laing

6 June 2006

Family of LAING

Hello to all,

What a great thing to discover on the Web … LAING Family. My name is Sheree Christina Susan LAING, born to Norman Maxwell LAING & Gloria Christina (née: CROSS). My father (Max, as he was fondly called by family members) was the youngest of three children to Charles (Charlie, as far as I am aware) LAING & Vera Margaret (née: COOK). Norman has an older brother, Albert Charles LAING … & sister Joan PITTS (née: LAING).

My father had married twice (to my knowledge) with the second marriage to Aloma (née: LaBroc) and they formed a family of some eight more children. These names and further particulars of these members are in family papers which I acquired some years ago from my father.

Sadly however my father, Norman, passed away in December 1999 as too his older brother some 6 months prior. Aunty Joan is still residing at Swan Hill, Victoria.

I would love to hear from anyone from the LAING family in the achievement of tracing my roots.

Yours faithfully,

29 May 2006

Hugh Laing/David Laing

I have a Westcott cousin in England who would like info on the family above. David Laing came to America and married Christina Waite (Wright). Anyone who can help her?

Thanks much,
Mrs. Betty W. Acker
Historian, Westcott Family Society

14 May 2006

Hi there - my name is Debbie Laing. My Grandfather, John Laing, came to Canada in the 1920s with his parents, John and Isabella (née Bissett) Laing. They settled in Selkirk, Manitoba, but ended up living in Ottawa after moving around a bit with the RCAF.

Debbie Laing

New South Wales
10 May 2006


I am Kerry Donnan, granddaughter to Charles Gordon Laing, WWI MC (deceased). I was wondering if anyone is related to Captain John Laing who fought in the Maori wars? Captain Laing settled in Watsons Bay, Sydney after the Maori wars. There was actually a point at Watsons Bay named after him but in time I believe it has been changed to Green Point.

Kerry Donnan

24 April 2006


My name is Amanda Peta Laing. I married into the Laing family by marrying Craig William Laing. The son of John and Desley Laing and brother to Bruce, Debra and John. His grandfather is also John Laing. I believe that the family hails from Scotland somewhere, I will find out more.


18 April 2006


My name is Samuel G. Laing, born 23 November 1951. I live in Texas and most all of my relatives live in Ontario.

Best Wishes To Everyone,
Sam Laing

2 April 2006


My name is Brian D. Laing. We are a large family and extend through the U.K. I live in a market town in Yorkshire called Driffield. My family comes from Kennoway, Fifeshire.

New South Wales
20 March 2006

Hi There,

My name is Amanda Laing (there are so many of us) and I wanted to tell you that my father's name is Frank Fullerton Laing. He was born in Perthshire Scotland on Dec 7 1945. He never knew his father and was given the name Laing, after his mother's maiden name (Isobel Laing). She went on to marry into the name of Nairn.

I like your site, as it opens up new questions for us as a family and our family heritage …

Amanda Laing

14 February 2006

Laing Family

Good afternoon,

My name is Andrew James Laing. I was born in Paisley, Scotland on 16th September 1952. My father's name was Andrew Adam Laing. As far as I know he was born in Renfrew, Scotland on 8th August 1926. We moved to Nottingham, England in 1963.

Andy Laing

Keith 'Tony' Laing

Tony Laing

Keith 'Tony' Laing hosted a popular radio talk show 'Laing and Company' which was broadcast on the Jamaican radio station Power 106 FM. The programme was two and a half hours of lively discussion on current events and other interesting subject areas. The host often conducted the show in a humorous manner, and brought the topic alive with extensive use of the Jamaican lingua. We were sorry to hear that Tony Laing suffered a stroke in January 2006.

Moose Jaw
9 January 2006

Laing Family Connections

Donald William Laing

My daughter (Catherine Laing Drader) of Saskatoon, SK, Canada, yesterday discovered the Laing website that invited Laings to add notes, and today I discovered her note on this website. I will add some further family connection history here in case there are more, as yet unknown, connected families.

I am Donald William Laing of Moose Jaw, SK, Canada, b. 1933 in Weston (Toronto), ON. My father was Donald Gordon Laing (b. 1899 Essex, ON--d. 1975 Toronto, ON). His father was William Laing (b. 1849 St. Louis de Gonz., Quebec--d. 1922 Essex, ON). His father was John Laing (b. 1810 Old Deer, Aberdeen, Scotland--d. 1893 Essex, ON). Etc., back to George Laing (b. c. 1735--d. c. 1810 of Aberdeen, Scotland). As Catherine noted, I completed a major family history of our branch of the family in 1997.

I am a retired minister of The United Church of Canada, married 50 years ago to Margaret Ruth (Sloan) Laing of Hazlet, SK. We have three children: Robert Donald Laing (b. 1958, Saskatoon, SK), Deborah Ann Laing (b. 1960, Shellbrook, SK), and Catherine Margaret (Laing) Drader (b. 1964, Cabri, SK). Our three children have spouses and a total of eight children and one grandchild.

My ministry was all in Saskatchewan, apart from twelve years in Edmonton, AB. My wife and I have spent a great deal of time in Scotland (returning an average of every second year for the past 30 years) and in 1982 I completed my Ph.D. degree at the University of St. Andrews, Fife. (The picture is from a half-year appointment, coming out of retirement, to be Interim President of St. Andrew's Theological College, in Saskatoon, SK, in 2004.)

Remaining close family connections are mainly in Saskatchewan, Ontario and Michigan.

8 January 2006


My name is Catherine Drader (née Laing). My ancesters came from Old Deer in Scotland, and I can trace them back to about 1735, starting with George Laing, who married Jean Mundie. My father (Donald William Laing) has done an extensive family history (1997), and currently lives in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

It will be interesting to see if any long lost relations show up on this site!


13 November 2005

My name is Alan Earl Laing. I was born Sept 9, 1961 near Toronto, Canada. Our line of Laings comes from Scotland some time in the 1850 time frame.

I hope to visit Scotland next year and do a little homework on the family, any info would be helpful.

7 October 2005


I am Thomas Dallas (Tommy) Laing, Jr. I was born in Biloxi, Mississippi, USA in 1943. My branch of the family is descended from the Laings who moved from Scotland to North Carolina, between 1740 and 1760. My lineage is James Laing, Cornelius Laing, Jasper Cornelius Laing, Franklin Cornelius Laing, Thomas Jasper Laing, and Thomas D. Laing, Sr.

I enjoyed reading about all of the various factions of our family.

Best regards,

Tommy Laing

9 September 2005

Laing Family

My name is Alan Laing. I was born and raised in Dundee, Scotland. I am 49 yrs old, my father's name is James, and my grandfather's name was John.

New South Wales
21 August 2005


My name is also Amanda Louise Laing. I am 26 years old and live in Sydney, Australia. My father Allister Laing was born in Falkirk, Scotland and migrated to Australia along with Christina Laing (my Gran), Andrew, Robert, Estelle, Doreen, Christine (my aunts and uncles) in the sixties. There are about twenty Laings in and around Sydney, with the latest addition Mackenzie Laing born 3 months ago. Attached is a photo of myself (leftside), my brother Kristian Laing and my sister Megan Laing. One thing we have in common with most Scottish Laing descendants is the rather large nose!

All the best,

Amanda, Kristian and Megan Laing

17 August 2005

Hello. My mother's name was Agnes Steele Laing. She came from St. John's Town in Kirkcudbright, Scotland. I don't know much about her, as I was adopted in 1953. I was born in Brighton, where my mother lived with my father Richard John Pope. I have a brother Anthony, but my sister Patricia died tragically a few years ago. I would love to hear from anyone who knew of my mother.

Thank you,
Jane Deighton

13 August 2005

Laing Ancestor

I saw your web site and am interested in finding information on my ancestor, Ann Laing, from the 18th and/or 19th Century. I have hit a wall with my Preston/Laing ancestors and would be very interested in any possible links.

I have been able to go back as far as Joshua (or Joshue) Preston who married Ann Laing and settled on the Gaspe peninsula of Canada. I have no dates for them, however I was told that "Devonshire" was listed next to their names in a registry of Gaspe. Their son, Georges Preston was born in 1821 and his descendants are listed as being born in the town of Riviere-au-Renard.

I have no idea of their origins or how a Laing ended up here. Thanks for any information.

Marilyn Brine Gilmour

1 May 2005

Hello, I have no information on my father's side of the family other than Sir Walter Laing was his father. Ohio, and originally Scottish and English.


Sue Dunay née Laing

20 March 2005

Hi! I'm a Laing member from Mexico.

Hello! I'm glad to find your web site because I didn't know all the history of my ancestors. The Laing family here in Mexico is huge, so if someone want to know something about the Laings' history in this country would be great!

Also if you want to e-mail me or let me to post some message in your web site to try to contact other Laing members I'll appreciate it.

Thanks a lot and congratulations for your site!

Dario Medina Laing

P.S. The history of our family began when my great-grandfather came from Scotland and made his properties in the north of Mexico. After some years, the family split because some of his sons had some troubles. Well, that's only a short part of the long history of my family, but it is really interesting. Nowadays we are twenty-five Laing members of the same family, also it is nice to know that our real past was born in Europe. It would be great meeting other Laing people around the world who want to know more about the Mexican Laing history.

24 February 2005

Hello all Laings,

I am also an Andrea Laing, of Toronto, Canada. I am the daughter of Donald Alexander Laing, born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1944, who was the son of Donald Grant Laing, born in Granton-on-Spey, Scotland in 1908, and Doris Stark. My great-grandfather was Alexander Laing, also of Granton-on-Spey, who was married to Christina Grant. I believe they had 13 children in all, including Angus, Johnnie, Harold, Graeme, Grant, Alma, Christina and others. Some of the family still reside in Scotland but others have gone to Australia and Canada.

I would be very interested in hearing from other descendants or relatives of Alexander Laing and Tina Grant.

Andrea Laing

3 February 2005

Hi there,

My name is Erik Laing and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was looking up relatives on the web and saw this site. I am 25 years old. My great-grandfather was Andrew Mackenzie Laing and we hail from the St. Andrews area as well. My grandfather was John Laing and my father is Richard Mackenzie Laing. Great site!


23 January 2005

My Story

Hello People.

My name is Thomas Rufus Laing (Tommy), from Monroe, Louisiana, USA. I was born and raised in Mer Rouge, LA. My father was Fred Olan Laing, Sr., son of Daniel Maxiel Laing and Effie Mae Cox of Mer Rouge. I am the father of Amanda L. Laing in Missouri, USA. When Amanda was born, we lived in the same home I was raised in, on our farm right beside my Grandma (their farm first).

I will share this website with my cousins who are keeping up with the Laings in America.

Thomas R. Laing
Owner, T.R. Laing Farm, formerly part of the Fred Laing Farms

Tommy Laing

22 January 2005

Amanda Laing

Hey everyone!

My name is Amanda Louise Laing (I see now I'm the 2nd!!). Just wanted to say hi to all you Laings out there! I'm very surprised to see such a website, and actually can't believe that there's someone out there with my exact same name, which is how I stumbled upon this site. I was originally born in Mer Rouge, Louisiana (USA), but moved to Missouri when I was two, and I come from a long line of Laings who were farmers in Louisiana. To the best of my knowledge, they are of Scottish descent mostly. Take care everyone, and I'll keep visiting the site to see how far it goes!

Amanda Laing

Amanda Laing

25 November 2004

My name is Andrea Laing

Hey there, I came across your website through typing my name on an internet website. Just thought I'd say hello. Our Laing family is of Jamaican descent … Interesting huh

Your Friend,
Andrea Laing
(I'm on the right)

Milton and Andrea

Ashton Under Lyne
23 October 2004

Laing Family

Hi there, my name is Nick Laing, I currently reside in Ashton Under Lyne, Manchester. I came across this site whilst perusing the web. What is your background? I believe that my family name originates from somewhere in Scotland. How about you?

We are very avid Manchester United Supporters. We attend every match home and away and we run a very successful camping business.

Nick Laing

18 October 2004

Dear Laing Family,

Hello, my name is Amanda Laing. I am 23 years old and live in Brisbane in Australia. I was recently on the net looking up my family tree when I stumbled upon your website, and felt very pleased to see such a loving family and obviously very supportive group of family members of all ages. I have been told from various family members that our surname is of Scottish heritage and ancestors are traced back to Scotland back in the 1800s etc. Some have obviously migrated to Australia in past years. I am curious to learn more about distant relatives of the Laing name and would love to hear from you in regards to this. My fathers name is Ian John Laing, his father and mothers names are Henry and Murtle (deceased), my father has two brothers Graham and Bruce. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and hope to hear from you.

Miss Amanda Laing

Amanda Louise Laing

6 October 2004

I was just browsing through and I wonder if you have any tips for tracing my family tree. My name is Andrea Laing, and almost all of my relatives are from Kirkcaldy, Fife. Thank you.

Andrea Laing

New South Wales
12 April 2004


Hi, I'm Kevin Laing. I'm now living in Sydney Australia but I'm from Scotland … St Andrews. My father's called Norman Laing and my grandparents were called Jean and Fergus.
My website address is
The Laing site is fantastic. Keep up the good work.


Kevin Laing (1971)

30 December 2003


Hello I came across your site as I was surfing. My name is Alan Laing but I don't think we are related. My grandfather came from Elgin in the north of Scotland. He was born in 1900. He came down to Glasgow and my father William was born. I still stay in Glasgow. I have 2 brothers Gordon and William (who is in Canada).


Alan Laing