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Benjamin Harry Dunville (1859-1896)

Benjamin Harry Dunville (1859-1896) was a grandson of Richard Andrew Dumvill (c1765-1836)

Benjamin Harry
father: Richard Andrew Dunville Jr (1798-1871)
mother: Sarah Ellen Morris (1826-1923)
born 14 September 1859 in Kentucky
died 30 November 1896 in Kentucky, buried at Hinkelville, Kentucky
In 1894 Harry and Margaret moved from Webster County to McCracken County, Kentucky. They bought a small farm on the Woodville Road near Kevil, Kentucky. Two years later Harry died of tuberculosis. Within a few years this disease had killed all members of this family except Minnie Docia and Richard Andrew.
Margaret Jeanette Hancock (1863-1905), married 1881
father: Andrew W Hancock, born 3 August 1811, died 10 February 1900, buried at Agnew Family Cemetery, Henderson County, Kentucky, near Cario (second husband of Elizabeth Claiborne Hancock, her first husband was Ottow Moore)
mother: Elizabeth Claiborne Hancock, married 3 April 1854, born 21 January 1820, died 21 March 1913, buried at Agnew Family Cemetery, Henderson County, Kentucky, near Cario
born 7 February 1863 on the Hancock family farm near Cario, Kentucky
died 17 October 1905, buried at New Liberty Church Cemetery near Kevil, McCracken County, Kentucky
Her sister, Susan F Hancock, married Jesse Morris Dunville, a brother of Benjamin Harry Dunville
Minnie Docia Dunville (1882-1975)
Herbert Austin Dunville (1885-1906)
Nellie Jewell Dunville (1889-1908)
Richard Andrew Dunville (1894-1930)
Lena Grace Dunville (1891-1892)
After Harry's death, Margaret married Thomas E Ashby Jr and had the following children:
Hallie (twin, born 6 October 1901)
Hattie (twin, born 6 October 1901)
Ratchel (born 28 April 1903)
Children of Benjamin Harry Dunville (1859-1896) and Margaret Jeanette Hancock (1863-1905)
Minnie Docia
born 9 October 1882 on a farm in Webster County, Kentucky near the village of Onton
died 3 May 1975, buried at Acacia Park Cemetery in Birmingham, Michigan near her son Rhea
Clyde and Minnie spent most of their married life on a farm near Kevil, Kentucky.
Clyde Thomas Page (1877-1961), married 14 January 1900 at Paducah, Kentucky
father: James William Page, born 22 October 1852, Kentucky, died 9 July 1859, Kentucky
mother: Hepsey Lucinda Taylor, married 29 April 1869
born 11 October 1877 at Russellville, Kentucky
died 9 September 1961, buried at Paducah Cemetery in Paducah, Kentucky
Fred (b 1902)
Rhea (1905-1969)
Walter (b 1907)
Herbert Austin
born 12 February 1885 on a farm in Webster County, Kentucky near Onton
died 19 January 1906 at the age of 21 from tuberculosis, buried at New Liberty Methodist Church, about five miles from Kevil, Kentucky with his mother Margaret, his sisters Nell and Lena, and his brother Dick
Nellie Jewell
born on 24 February 1889 on the same farm near Onton, Kentucky as her brother Herbert and her sister Minnie
died 7 January 1908 at the age of 19 from tuberculosis, buried at New Liberty Methodist Church, about five miles from Kevil, Kentucky with her mother Margaret, her sister Lena and her brothers Herbert and Dick
married Thomas E Ashby Jr, her step father, after her mother's death
a son, who died when he was about 3 years old
Richard (Dick)
Andrew Dunville
born on 26 February 1894 on a farm in Mccracken County, Kentucky near Kevil
died 14 August 1930 from typhoid fever on a farm near Frederickstown, Missouri, buried at New Liberty Methodist Church, near Kevil, Kentucky, near the farm where he was born
Dick and Lena spent most of their married life in Detroit, Michigan where Dick was employed as a supervisor by Nisners, a pioneer refrigeration company.
Lena Pippin (1896-1969), married 18 December 1913 in Paducah, Kentucky
father: Lewis Pearson Pippin, born 20 September 1855 near Cookeville, Tennessee, died 10 March 1904 in Kevil, Kentucky
mother: Lou Tissia Maynard, married 21 November 1877, born 16 July 1857 in Alvaton, Kentucky, died 11 January 1930, buried at New Liberty Methodist Church, near Kevil, Kentucky
born 31 January 1896 near Fredonia, Kentucky
died 15 October 1969 in Detroit from a stroke, buried at Roselawn Park Cemetery in Berkley, Michigan
George Austin Dunville (1915-1973)
Richard Martin Dunville (1922-1992)
Benjamin Harry Dunville (1924-1995)
Lena Jeanette Dunville (b 1926)
Dickey Marie Dunville (1930-2006)
Lena Grace
born 14 February 1891 on a farm near Kevil, Kentucky
died on 14 November 1892, buried with most of her family at New Liberty Methodist Church, near Kevil, Kentucky
Children of Clyde Thomas Page (1877-1961) and Minnie Docia Dunville (1882-1975)
Fred Page
b 1902
born 13 January 1902
an osteopathic doctor in Detroit, Michigan
married Lucy Rossington
Gene, a school teacher
Bill, a surgeon
Rhea Page
born 15 April 1905
died 6 May 1969, buried at Acacia Park Cemetery in Birmingham, Michigan near his mother Minnie Docia
an osteopathic doctor in Detroit, Michigan
married Ruth Hill
Walter Page
b 1907
born 28 December 1907
married Anna Goins
Jack, in the clothing business
Children of Richard Andrew Dunville (1894-1930) and Lena Pippin (1896-1969)
George Austin
born 5 June 1915 in Kentucky
died 27 June 1973 in Michigan
Co-founder of Dearborn Fabricating & Engineering
married Edna Bogenreider
Richard Martin
born 12 August 1922 in Michigan
died 22 June 1992
Co-founder of Dearborn Fabricating & Engineering
Martin Dunville did an enormous amount of research into the Dunville and Dumville families.
married June Marchido
Richard Martin Dunville Jr (b 1947)
Dianne Marie Dunville (b 1950)
Michael David Dunville (b 1953)
Benjamin Harry
born 29 August 1924 in Illinois
died 1995
Harry served in the Second World War in the US Navy Pacific, and returned in 1946. Austin, Martin and Harry started Dearborn Fabricating & Engineering with the Wells family in a ten thousand square feet facility in Dearborn, Michigan in 1947. The company soon moved to a larger facility in Detroit, supplying and installing crane systems. In 1955 Harry opened the Mishawaka, Indiana facility.
In 1956 the company purchased the American Cable Company and started providing overhead and floor conveyor systems for the automobile industry. The Detroit and Mishawaka facilities were separated when Austin died. Martin owned the Detroit facility, which specialised in the conveyor systems. In 1984 he sold the company to a group of managers and employees. They sold the company in 1987 to Philips Industries of Dayton, Ohio, who also owned Dearborn Mid-West Conveyor Co. The two conveyor-manufacturing companies were merged in 1994 and operate today as Dearborn Mid-West Conveyor Co.
Harry owned the Mishawaka facility, which continues to manufacture cranes under the name of Dearborn Crane & Engineering. It is now owned by Harry's son Larry and grandson Tad. Its website is (please return to!).
married Ann Onofricuk
son: Larry Dunville (b 1952), married Jennifer A (b 1954)
grandson: Benjamin Tad Dunville
Lena Jeanette
b 1926
born 8 June 1926 in Michigan
married James Parsons
Dickey Marie
born 6 September 1930 in Kentucky
died 19 February 2006
Steve Robert Sikkenga
Nancy Jeanne Hutchinson
married Louis Robert Sikkenga
Children of Richard Martin Dunville (1922-1992) and June Marchido
Richard Martin
Dunville Jr
(b 1947)
born 12 November 1947 in Michigan
married Deborah E Lawrence
Dianne Marie
(b 1950)
born 16 February 1950 in Michigan
married John Westray Paisley
Michael David
(b 1953)
born 20 June 1953 in Michigan
married Michele Putek

Most of the information for this page was researched and provided by Martin Dunville (1922-1992) of Michigan and Florida. Additional information has been provided by B Tad Dunville, who sent a message to the Guest Book on 20 August 2004, and by Steve Sikkenga, who sent a message to the Guest Book on 24 May 2007.

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