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John Dumell (c1696-1790)

name: John Dumell/Dummell/Dummil spouse: Mary Bourn
father: father:
mother: mother:
born: c1696 born: c1716
place: place:
died: 13 August 1790, natural decay died: 18 March 1808
place: Scruton, North Yorkshire place: Scruton, North Yorkshire
buried: 18 August 1790 buried: 20 March 1808

married: 26 December 1744, John Dumell of Morton Flatt in this parish and Mary Bourn of Ainderby Steeple were married by Banns
occupation: Labourer (1790)

Can you solve the puzzle?

Is Robert Dumville (c1767-1857) related to one or all of the individuals on this page? In or near Robert's area of north Yorkshire I've found quite a few people with the same or similar surnames. Try saying Dumell with a Yorkshire accent. Many seem to fit together to produce the family you see on this page. Where do we go from here to link to the Dumvilles of Hunton?

I wonder if Joseph (1755-1830) is the link? He and his family are the most consistent in their use of the spelling 'Dumville'. Joseph and Elizabeth have links with Masham, which is where Robert says (1851 census) he was born. Morton Flatts is just across the fields from Bramper Farm, where Robert found his wife-to-be, Margery Smothwaite.

Could Robert be either a late son of John and Mary Dumell (we think she was in her 40s in the early 1760s) or their grandson, maybe a premarital son to Joseph (born 1755) and Elizabeth (born c1746)? Although as they married in 1779 and Robert in 1789 it would have surely have had to be about six years before their marriage?…


Mary baptized 9 June 1745, Scruton (NB: Found in Bishops Transcripts. Parish Register page had been torn out.)
International Genealogical Index shows: March 27 June 1774 in Burneston, Mary Dumble of this parish, married William Melburn of Kirby Fleethram
Frances baptized 29 July 1747, Scruton
IGI shows: married 16 April 1770 in Ripon, Frances Dummell married John Atkinson of Ripon
John baptized 25 March 1750, Scruton, (?) buried Masham 1812 (aged 65)¹
Esther buried Masham 1806 (aged 57)
married Esther when? where? John and Esther Dummil, lived Ilton, near Masham
Elizabeth baptized 7 March 1784, Masham
IGI shows Elizabeth: 'spinster aged 23', who married 7 June 1806, Robert Ullis, Husbandman, bachelor, 28, in Masham
John baptized 5 March 1786, Masham
John (sic) baptized 21 September 1788, Masham
Mary (?) baptized 11 November 1790, Masham
Joseph baptized 30 December 1792, buried 13 May 1794
Joseph baptized 12 June 1796, Masham
Mark baptized 6 July 1752, Scruton, (?) buried Burneston 20 April 1823, Mark Dumill of Leeming, age 76¹
IGI shows: married 23 November 1779, Mark Dummill and Sarah Middleton, both of Burneston, married by Banns
all baptisms, except 1793, say 'Mark and Sarah of Leeming'
Elizabeth buried 21 September 1780
Alice baptized 18 August 1782, Burneston
John baptized 3 April 1785, Burneston. This must be John Dummel/Domville (1785-1843) listed below.
George baptized 11 November 1787, Burneston
Ellen baptized 11 April 1790, Burneston
Mary baptized 11 May 1793, Burneston
Sarah baptized 21 December 1796, Burneston
Joseph baptized 20 May 1755, Scruton
IGI shows: married 25 February 1779: Joseph Dumville of parish of Thornton Watlass married Elizabeth Atkinson of parish of Masham. The Parish Register for Kirkby Malzeard shows Elizabeth Dumville aged 88 of Stock Wath5, Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire was buried in Kirkby Malzeard on 30 August 1834. Joseph Dumville aged 80 was buried in Kirkby Malzeard on 5 June 1835. Did Joseph and Elizabeth have children, and if so, where are their baptismal records?

John Dummel/Domville (1785-1843) and his children

born 1785, died Hurworth, County Durham, 6 December 1843
married 8 October 1807, Ann Hammond, both of Thornton Watlass, by licence
lived in Thornton Watlass, in 1811 was 'Farmer of Thirn'
John Dummill signed the Bishops Transcripts as a Church Warden in 1813. Between 1814 and 1816 the family moved to Hurworth, County Durham.
Jane born 17 August 1808 (6 pm, Thornton Watlass), baptized 29 October 1808, Thornton Watlass
John born 20 October 1811 (1.05 am, Thirn), baptized 17 November 1811 (was the John who married Ann Shaw, see page 161 of Edward Alan Domville's 'We Came with the Conqueror')
Mark baptized 17 July 1814, Thornton Watlass ('son of John and Ann DUMVILLE alias DUMMILL, farmer of Thirn')
William born 5 August 1817 (6 am, Hurworth, County Durham)
Michael born 5 February 1819 (4 pm, Hurworth, County Durham)
Sarah born 6 October 1820 (3 pm, Hurworth, County Durham)
Ann born 27 March 1822 (5 pm, Hurworth, County Durham), (owner of the Bible where these records were entered)
Thomassin born 9 October 1824 (1 pm, Cockerton, Darlington, County Durham)
married William Davison. The Davison family stayed for several generations in Hurworth, near Darlington, County Durham.
Helen born 28 January 1827 (Hurworth, County Durham)


  1. Discrepancy between baptismal date and age given at burial is probably acceptable. Burial age is often unreliable.
  2. Probably the John Dummil who appears in the Thornton Watlass Manorial Roll for 1808-1814. In 1812 he signs as John DUMVILLE. In 1816 the entry is 'John Dunvill (remove)'.
    We are grateful to Paul Davison for sharing with us information researched by his uncle with the help of a family Bible. Paul is a descendant of Thomassin (or Thomasin) who married William Davison. The Davison family stayed for several generations in Hurworth, near Darlington, County Durham. Paul's uncle wrote:
    'John Domville born 1785, married at Thornton Watlass in the County of Yorkshire 8/10/1807 to Ann by the Rev Fred Dodsworth (D.D) Jane, daughter to above born at Thornton Watlass 17/8/1808 at 6 o'clock pm. John son to the above John and Ann born at Thirn in the County of Yorkshire in the Parish of Thornton Watlass 20/10/1811 at 5 past 1 o'clock am. Mark another son born at Thirn 11/6/1814 at 1.30 am. The family moved to Hurworth at this time. William another son born at Hurworth in the County of Durham 5/8/1817 at 6 o'clock am. Michael another son born at Hurworth 5/2/1819 at 4pm Sarah a daughter born at Hurworth 6/10/1820 at 3pm (Ann a daughter and owner of the Bible this record was entered in) Born at Hurworth 27/3/1822 at 5pm. Thomassin a daughter born at Cockerton in parish of Darlington 9/10/1824 at 1pm. Helen a daughter born at Hurworth 28/1/1827. John Domville died at Hurworth 6/12/1843 age 58. Ann his wife died at Hurworth 20/12/1848.'
  3. Also found in Scruton Parish Register, but no clue as to relationship with others:
    23 September 1787, marriage of Jeremiah Dummel of parish of Burneston and Barbara Stockton of Scruton, by Banns.
    11 Feb 1808, burial of Barbara Dummill, St Lambert, Burneston.
  4. In Roxby (not clear whether it's Pickhill-cum-Roxby (near Leeming), or Roxby near Whitby:
    October 1764, baptizm of William, son of Thomas Domil (or Dumil?).
  5. About two miles west of Kirby Malzeard is 'Stock Beck'. The word 'wath' means 'ford' and so presumably Elizabeth lived near the ford across the Stock stream or river.
  6. Kirkby Malzeard: baptism 21 May 1759 of Timothy Domville, son of William Domville.


IGI: International Genealogical Index
NBI: National Burial Index

Spellings throughout this page are as shown on the original documents.