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Thomas Dumville (1806-1893)

name: Thomas Dumville spouse: Mary Horseman
father: Robert Dumville father: Henry Horseman
mother: Margery Smothwaite mother: Mary Stockdale
born: 1806 born: 24 February 1805
place: Hunton, Yorkshire place: Myton-on-Swale, Yorkshire
baptized: 23 November 1806 baptized:
place: Hornby by Bedale, Yorkshire place:
died: 12 June 1893, Fearby, Yorkshire died: June 1886, Fearby, Yorkshire
buried: 14 June 1893, Healey, Yorkshire buried: 26 June 1886, Healey, Yorkshire

married: 30 April 1832, Masham, Yorkshire
occupation: Agricultural Labourer (1841), Farmer (1851), Mole-Killer (1861), Mole Catcher (1871), Mole Catcher (1881)


Mary Ann* born 1833, Hunton, baptized 27 October 1833, died 1911
She had four children before she married, and three after her marriage.
She is the ancestor of 21st century descendants: Anthony Dumville of Scarborough, Yorkshire, and Geoffrey Brown of Middlesbrough.
Henry born 1853, Ellingstring, Hotel Servant, Birkenhead (1881)
married 1878 at Birkenhead, Cheshire, Alice Crane Whelan (born 1854, Birkenhead)
James* born 30 January 1856, Ellingstring, died 27 Nov 1920, Snape
married 9 June 1877, at Well, Bedale, Yorkshire, Elizabeth Haw
Charles born 1859
John born 1861, Helperby, Yorkshire
married 16 February 1864, at Ripon Cathedral, Francis Foxton (1830/31-1900), Bricklayers Labourer
Thomas born 1864/65, Ripon, Moulder (1881)
George born 1866/67, Ripon, Moulder (1891)
Sarah born 1878/79, Ripon
George* born 1835, baptized 24 September 1835 in Masham, died 13 February 1875, Newcastle upon Tyne
married 18 June 1864, in Marske, Yorkshire, Maria Clemmit
Robert* born Ellingstring, baptized 1838
died September(?) 1875, Bradford,Yorkshire
Whitesmith (1861)
married 9 March 1861, at Bradford Parish Church, Elizabeth Firby/Furby, Charwoman (1881)
Tom born c1863, Bradford, Yorkshire (or Masham? 1881 census unclear)
Shoemaker's Apprentice (1881), Boot Maker (1891)
Fred born c1866, Bradford, Spinner (1881), Worsted Drawing Overlooker (1891)
married 1891, Ada Watson
son Harry born 7 January 1894, Bradford
Polly born c1870, Bradford, Mill Hand Worsted (1891)
Arthur born c1872, Bradford, Mill Hand Wool (1891)
Isabella born Ellingstring, baptized 1842
Elizabeth born 1843, Ellingstring
died 30 April 1880, Hackforth, Yorkshire, buried May 1880, Hornby, Yorkshire
married 1866, Leyburn, John Metcalfe, Master Blacksmith (born 1844, Masham, died 6 March 1874, Hackforth, buried 11 March 1874, Hornby, Yorkshire)
Mary E born c1868, Hackforth
John T born c1870, Hackforth
William born c1873, Hackforth
Thomas* born 25 September 1843, Ellingstring, died 27 October 1925, St Louis, Missouri
we think Thomas emigrated to the USA in 1869
married c1871, Sarah Elizabeth Tongue
after marriage the family used the spelling Dunville
Mary Elizabeth*
born 1872/73, Missouri, died 5th October 1945, St Louis, Missouri
married 27 April 1892, at St Louis, Missouri, John Thomas Craighead (1866-c1911/20)
John born c1874, Missouri. Edwin or John drowned in the Mississippi river.
George Robert born 16 April 1877, Louisville, Kentucky, died 31 January 1936, St Louis
married Minnie Stringfellar
Adelaide (Addie) born September 1882, Missouri
Annie (Nancy K) born June 1884
Walter F born 1885, married 1905, in St Louis County, Rose
Emma Gertrude
born February 1888, died c1988
lived in Muscatine, Iowa
born 18 June 1893, Missouri, died 12 February 1974, Missouri
married (1) Hazel Woolsey
married (2) c1930, Agnes Gertrude van der Maden
Edwin H born July 1897. Edwin or John drowned in the Mississippi river.
John born Fearby, baptized 1847, Labourer lodging in Middlesbrough (1881 census)

* We know that this person has descendants who are alive today.

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